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Benefits of Investing in Cyprus

Benefits of Investing in Cyprus

There are many benefits to be reaped by those who want to invest in Cyprus, from having a high return on investment and enjoying tax benefits, to accessing the EU market and benefiting from internationals laws and easy bureaucratic procedures, among other things — all of which has led the country to increase in popularity among foreign investors.

The most shared benefits are:

  1. Low Tax Benefits of Cyprus

One of the most attractive factors for many people to invest in Cyprus, is the low corporate tax rate. The corporate tax rate is 12.5%, one of the lowest in the European Union and fully compliant with EU and OECD regulations. The benefits extend beyond the low tax rate. Dividend revenue proceeds from the sale of shares, bonds, and other financial instruments, foreign exchange (FX) dividends, and earnings from Overseas Permanent Establishments (PEs) will all benefit from tax exemptions.

  1. Efficient Banking and other Professional Services

The Cypriot banking system is properly designed for ease of doing business, which is an added benefit for foreign businesses. Cyprus has a very organized banking system that consistently takes care of the diverse needs of individuals as well as companies.

There is a large pool of highly skilled and educated professionals who are willing to provide their services in multiple languages to accommodate their international clients. These multilingual professionals often offer their services in Greek, Hebrew, Russian and English. Not only are investors able to communicate their needs in their native language, but they also get magnificent legal, accounting, management consultancy, and other professional services for great prices as well.

  1. Infrastructural development

Cyprus has experienced immense growth in key areas that support the development of domestic companies. With huge investments being placed in telecommunications, shipping, and transportation, the country boasts a world-class infrastructure that makes running a business and managing life a much easier task than anticipated.

With great transportation networks that provide an easy commute across the entire Republic, two deep seaports located in Larnaca and Limassol, and two world class international airports which play a very integral role when it comes to linking Cyprus to other parts of the world, there’s not much to complain about.

  1. Connection to Europe

Since gaining membership into the European Union in 2004, Cyprus has maintained its connection to European markets across the continent. Today, the country has become a guaranteed entry point into the European sphere for those who can afford it.

Once Cyprus became an EU country, its membership was seen as a vote of confidence by investors that it is a stable and haven for them. Cyprus is considered a telecommunications center in Europe due to its satellite and submarine fiber optic cables that connect it to other parts of Europe. As a result of this, the country has lightning-speed fast internet.

  1. Strategic Location for You to Invest

Cyprus is at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East-Asia, and Africa in the eastern Mediterranean. The geography of this island makes it an ideal geographic position for doing business with three continents. The location is one of the most important reasons why you should invest in Cyprus.

Cyprus is now the safest place in the world for countries with populations of fewer than 5 million people. Cyprus is also ranked fifth in the EU for the safest migration destinations.

Typical flight durations:

Dubai 3.5 hrs
Frankfurt 4.0 hrs
Kiev 3.0 hrs
Lebanon 45 mins
London 4.5 hrs
Moscow 3.5 hrs
Paris 4.5 hrs
Rome 3.2 hrs
St Petersburg 4.0 hrs
Tel Aviv 55 mins

  1. Easy and Flexible Residency Schemes

Cyprus offers investors a unique opportunity to obtain a permanent resident permit which can lead to a subsequent Cyprus/EU citizenship. Although similar schemes in other countries would normally take over 6-8 years, you can secure Cypriot citizenship within 3-4 months. A major upside to the citizenship that is offered by Cyprus is that it neither requires the investor to reside in Cyprus, nor does it require them to become tax residents.

  1. Talented & Highly Educated Workforce

Cyprus’ general population is well-educated and has received training at local or foreign institutions worldwide. Cyprus has a highly skilled population, with 55 percent of the workforce holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Most people can talk in English, which gives them an advantage along with their high educational level. They are the ideal workforce for your company and your investment projects.


Cyprus is a great place to start investing if you’re looking for a unique spot. The advantages mentioned above aren’t the only ones. The above is only a few of the highlights of what we think makes Cyprus so appealing for investment.